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Feedback on Marriages for Mary

Here is some recent feedback that we received from individuals and couples who have experienced our apostolate.

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Vivian and Mira Mathews

We got married in November 2019 and attended Marriage Preparation offered by Marriages for Mary in June that year. We looked into many other options as well but thanks be to God, Marriages for Mary was the only course that fit into our busy summer schedules. We say that with rejoicing hearts because the course literally changed our lives. Without it, it would be quite likely that we never made it to our wedding day or if we did, our marriage would look very different compared to what it is now. 

In today's world, it is not easy to find marriages that shine as a sign of God's faithful love. That was also the case for us. When we came to Marriages for Mary, we didn't have a good understanding of what a Catholic marriage should look like. We did not know how seriously we should take this wonderful God given vocation, how carefully we should guard it, to what lengths we should go to put the other person first, or what peace and joy it would bring. During the course, our marriage became a tangible vocation and a shared mission to look forward to. We both felt like we had just found our purpose in life: to love and to be loved by this other person with Jesus's self- sacrificing love. 

We're forever thankful to Marriages for Mary for the life changing Marriage Preparation they gave for us, as well as the loving support we still continue to receive. Their help was especially crucial to us when we were going through a miscarriage and praying for a child. Marriages for Mary has also been a wonderful place to meet other Catholic couples who share the same passion for marriage. Right now we are looking forward to our personal marriage retreat later this summer. 

"I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you."

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